sobota 4. decembra 2010


Today we have -7°C and the temperatures are still dropping. Inside we are able to keep a comfortable 17°C even without a proper door... just with 1900W from heating cables.

The snow makes everything look prettier - even the mud slide is covered up:

From Strawbale Dome Minke

There is no sign of any snow melting, so the insulation should be fairly well done. Only the oak facade is visible. The temperature of the earth under the foam glass is 14,5°C (middle of the dome) and 12,2°C (under the windows) and has been stable for the last few weeks. Another good sign is the gradual decreasing of the moisture level in the straw bales. The main measurement in the middle of the bales has dropped from RH 89% to 78% and is dropping further. Thanks to ventilation and a dehumidifier we now have 36% humidity inside the dome. So we believe the dome is safe for this winter.

From Strawbale Dome Minke

With snow come winter sports. Here is Kristián preparing for snow boarding.

From Strawbale Dome Minke

The only close hilltop is of course the "Dome":

From Strawbale Dome Minke

Good style!

From Strawbale Dome Minke

Next time we have to build bigger... :-)

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