nedeľa 27. marca 2011


Some recent pictures:

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  1. Hello! My Name is Natalie and I live in the state of Missouri, USA. I love the blog for this project! I have been considering different methods for building my own earthen green structure and this has given me a lot to consider.

    How has the structure held up with a heavy snow load? Where I am potentially looking to build, in Washington State, it is possible that I could get 3-4 feet of snow. At least that has happened in winter of 2007 at my Grandmother's house in Spokane, WA. It is rare but not unheard of.

    If I had the funds, I would be more than happy to come to all of these types of workshops! :-) Please keep up the amazing work! I can be reached at gidget1889 @ gmail . com (please remove the spaces. I only included them to ensure my email address was received :-).