štvrtok 9. septembra 2010

16th day

Today was a drying day - the weather has improved, and even the dome on the outside starts to become drier. Still it was too wet inside to do any more plastering in the dome.

Because we had not followed the usual rules, not to plaster on wet clay plaster, the dome is getting some fairly big cracks... clay contracts where there is too much of it at one place. The dome will need another layer of plaster eventually.

We started plastering the vaults with the fine PICAS clay:

From Strawbale Dome Minke

In one vault we added a bit of straw, just like the dome:

From Strawbale Dome Minke

Another group started leveling the floor inside with a second stamped clay surface.

From Strawbale Dome Minke

The stamping tools work better with a layer of plastic, the clay does not stick that well:

From Strawbale Dome Minke

Outside the lower parts are plastered to create a level surface for the EPDM we will put on next week.

The oak facade is progressing, but stainless screws did not arrive so we had to fix them preliminary with normal screws, later we will exchange them for stainless steel.

Tomorrow will be another big plaster day, with plaster on the outside and finishing the vaults inside... hopefully everything will dry over the weekend.

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