nedeľa, 5. septembra 2010

Summer in Slovakia

This year has been rather wet and cold. We were lucky to get dry straw bales...

In the free week some participants choose to make a trip to the High Tatras - but the weather they experienced was not what you would expect in this time of the year!

From Strawbale Dome Minke

But they had had a great time in spite of the weather!

Here in Hrubý Šúr the plastering continued inside and outside. For the dome some acrobatics are necessary to get the plaster on:

From Strawbale Dome Minke

From Strawbale Dome Minke

And we are getting new spectators every day - today there was even an article in the tabloid sunday paper "Nový Čas":

From Strawbale Dome Minke

The dome is becoming a popular talking item in the village as well and a popular sunday walk destination...

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