sobota 4. septembra 2010

Drying plaster for one week...

This week has been a drying week - or at least should have been. Monday and Tuesday there was a lot of rain and wind, with the rain going almost horizontally. This was later clearly visible on some wet spots on the borders of the dome. Luckily there is only foam glass below these parts and no straw bales:

From Strawbale Dome Minke

Inside the ventilators are doing a good job, as you can see the drying process proceeding slowly but steadily. We have 3 ventilators in th edome with each about 7000m3/h keeping the air exchange very high. So far we used about 330KWh for ventilation during the last 5 days.

From Strawbale Dome Minke

The strong wind gave us some concern in the beginning of the week, the 1,2m long metal bolts did hold but moved in the soft earth. Most only a few cm, but this one at least 15cm - luckily the forces are nearly horizontal, and the bolts did not get pulled out.

From Strawbale Dome Minke

Here you can see the aerodynamics of the tent: Pushed down on the right side and lifted on the left side:

From Strawbale Dome Minke

Now everything is dry and on Friday the plasterers arrived - more on their work in the next blog.

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  1. Ahoj!
    Hello all! It´s great to see more photos and to know what´s going on. Thanks Bjorn, please keep doing it with detail. I will folow it each day.
    The interior plaster of the Dome looks really good! I had a really good time working on it. I miss you all very much and the wonderful energy at the building site. Thank you for such good organization. Best wishes for the 2nd part!