nedeľa 15. augusta 2010


Today all participants arrive - all together there will be around 30 people participating, inkl. filming crew and cook with helper...

We forgot to take pictures during the day - but we got the cutting machine readjusted at a metall workers shop (on a sunday morning!) and went to shop for some missing tools. Good we are in a country where the shops are open on sundays... The rough clay floor is nearly finished.

After measuring the heights of the wooden construction we found differences of +/-40mm. By having wooden elements directly on foam glass it is not so easy to get them level. So tomorrow we will have one work group working on getting it as level as possible, +/- 1cm would be great. The ring beam on the other hand is very level with a tolerance of +/-0,5cm.

People were arriving in the afternoon, some traveling 2,5 days getting here...most important, our cooks arrived:

From Strawbale Dome Minke

They will provide makrobiotic and vegetarian food during the workshop - they reorganized our kitchen and storage room: never looked so good before!

From Strawbale Dome Minke

Here are some pictures of the participants on the terrace:

From Strawbale Dome Minke

and in our living room:

From Strawbale Dome Minke

From Strawbale Dome Minke

Well, this is all for today, tomorrow starts with a lecture with Gernot Minke and then the "hard" works starts in the afternoon. Breakfast will be every day from 07-08h, with the workshop from 08-12h and 14-18h.

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